New Video Tutorial

Sorry there’s been no news for a while, but a new Video Tutorial for Direct Ophthalmoscopy has just been added - hope you like it! Let me know what else you’d like to see tutorials in by using the contact page.

Happy Birthday! is now 1 year old!
Thanks so much to everyone who has used the site - that’s nearly 9500 visits by 7000 different visitors!

New features!

Welcome back to

New changes to the site this month
1)A new user poll on the homepage, so you can tell us what you find most useful
2)A new user forum where you can discuss disc based topics, so don’t forget to sign up and become a member
3)A page dedicated to essential papers and publications to help boost your understanding of optic nerve assessment
4)Some minor adjustments to the glaucoma image library and the glaucoma basics tutorial

As usual, feel free to get in touch either by the message board or the contact page.

Thanks again

Thanks again to everyone who’s visited - we’ve now had in excess of 5000 unique visitors since the launch earlier this year.
To celebrate we’ve added a new forum page to discuss any disc, glaucoma or ophthalmology based issues. We’ve also been gathering plenty of new disc images, so expect them to be uploaded soon.

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for visiting and thank you also for the generous feedback so far. Over 1500 people from across the world have visited the site since its launch in March.

New optic disc images are coming very soon, but in the meantime Dr Andrew Blaikie (Dunfermline, UK) has contributed two comprehensive tutorials on visual fields - one on how to understand an automated visual field test and the other to teach you how to check visual fields to confrontation.

1 month in!

Thanks everyone!
One month since the formal launch of and we’ve already had over 500 unique visitors from all over the world. Keep telling your friends and colleagues, and feel free to link it in from other sites.
Please have a look at a really interesting new tutorial on the history of glaucoma surgery.

Full Site Launch! is finally launched, with a fantastic new foreword kindly written by Dr George Spaeth. Some great tutorials are already up online, with more soon on the way. Plenty of images are now in the library for your viewing pleasure, which is again an area we hope to continually expand.
See the “About” page for how to submit images, and please feel free to add links to from your own sites.

Best wishes team

First Blog test site finally launched! check out the library and tutorials section